Why it might push you to get that novel done

My “in progress” writing tracker

I am a firm believer that tracking your word count can greatly benefit your novel and drive it to completion.

Not only does word count tracking help you know that you’re getting closer to completing your novel, it’s also rewarding and motivational.


Well, lets talk about different ways you…

From cover reveal to promoting

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Having released three books so far, I’ve learned quite a few things about writing, editing, publishing, and marketing books.

Instead of overloading you with information, I’ll give you just three tips, or strategies, that I’ve found helpful.

Preorders and cover reveals

If you’re planning on releasing a book, two things you should consider are…

How this crafty site can bring more traffic to your blog

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It seems like no matter what you enjoy there’s something on Pinterest for everyone. I do the normal pins such as recipes, space saving ideas, and outfits, and I also have inspiration boards for my novels. Here’s the article about Pinterest for writers.

But did you…

An exclusive sneak peek at the first chapter

Promotional images created by Ashley Nicole

Chapter One


The familiar, steady beeping of the surgical monitor lulls Sydney in and out of daydreaming. Dr. Will stands in front of her, on the other side of the surgical table, sowing up the spay incision of the unconscious Jack Russell lying on its back. The small room has light blue…

Ashley Nicole

Writer of Dark Fantasy and Thrillers. Blogger of writing tips. Find more writing tips, manuscript help, and book exclusives at Patreon.com/anicolewrites

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