Why it might push you to get that novel done

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I am a firm believer that tracking your word count can greatly benefit your novel and drive it to completion.

Not only does word count tracking help you know that you’re getting closer to completing your novel, it’s also rewarding and motivational.


Well, lets talk about different ways you can track your words.

Sure, you can keep glancing down at the word count feature on Word and try to remember what it said last time you looked, but how reliable is your brain at remembering how many words you really just wrote?

Two online word count trackers you could…

For all the places you’ll be on the internet

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Whether you’re a published author or a writer just dipping your toes in the online writing world, you’re going to have profiles. These can be social medias, author websites, Amazon profiles, blog profiles, etc. No matter how many or how few, you will have to make a name for yourself on the internet. How else will people find out about your awesome writing?

This article will walk you through the things you should include in your profiles to attract the right followers.

Profile pictures

Most places where you will be sharing your name and your work will want a profile picture. Just…

Alpha readers

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Alpha readers, beta readers, critique partners, ARC readers…

What are all of these and do you need them?

Short and simple answer: yes.

These four types of early readers can help make your manuscript better and your published book sell more!

But the question now is when do you use them?

This article is going to focus on alpha readers. I have separate articles on beta readers and ARC readers.

First off, what are alpha readers?

Alpha readers are readers you find and ask to read your first (or close to first) draft of your manuscript. They do this for free and are meant to offer…

From cover reveal to promoting

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Having released three books so far, I’ve learned quite a few things about writing, editing, publishing, and marketing books.

Instead of overloading you with information, I’ll give you just three tips, or strategies, that I’ve found helpful.

Preorders and cover reveals

If you’re planning on releasing a book, two things you should consider are a cover reveal and a preorder. The first tip that I have for you is to set the same dates for these! When people see your book cover for the first time during your cover reveal, if they love it, give them something to do about it! …

How this crafty site can bring more traffic to your blog

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Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It seems like no matter what you enjoy there’s something on Pinterest for everyone. I do the normal pins such as recipes, space saving ideas, and outfits, and I also have inspiration boards for my novels. Here’s the article about Pinterest for writers.

But did you know Pinterest can also help with your blogging?

Chances are, if you’re on my page, you know that I post writing tip articles. I promote these on Pinterest. However, whatever you blog about can find a home on the site as well. Pinterest is insanely vast. It’s more of a…

How to draw in new readers and keep them

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What is a reader magnet?

A reader magnet is something you have written that you offer for free to your readers in exchange for them signing up to your mailing list. This can be anywhere from a short story to a novel in length.

Why would you want a reader magnet?

Why wouldn’t you? Building your mailing list is vital to your author success, especially if the people on your list are actually interested in your writing and not just your friends doing you a favor. For me personally, when I release a new book, over half my mailing list buys a copy, or reviews an ARC for me.

Yes, you can…

An exclusive sneak peek at the first chapter

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Chapter One


The familiar, steady beeping of the surgical monitor lulls Sydney in and out of daydreaming. Dr. Will stands in front of her, on the other side of the surgical table, sowing up the spay incision of the unconscious Jack Russell lying on its back. The small room has light blue walls and a pale green floor. Bright spotlights hang from the ceiling and illuminate the belly of the dog. The surgical table, monitor, anesthesia cart, laser, and IV pump take up most of the space, making the room comfortable for only the tech and doctor.

“Any plans this weekend?” Will…

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This story started out with just a simple question.

What would life be like for a character who was part angel, part demon?

And the first scene, Cassiel ended up at a bar.

Cassiel’s character transformed into a young woman who wanted to do right, but had trouble figuring out what right was. Heaven gives her orders of who she is allowed to save and who she isn’t, but why do some die while some get to live? Why do bad people get to go unpunished? …

Learn from my mistakes

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I recently published my first book, Sacrificial Lamb, in May of 2020. I did a huge amount of research about self publishing and how to launch a book successfully, but there are still some mistakes I made.

This article is for anyone wanting to self publish for the first time, or self publish better this time. Hopefully, you can learn from what I did wrong so you can do it right. Writing is a constant learning process, and each book you release will be better than the last if you keep expanding your knowledge.

Mistake #1

Probably the biggest mistake I made…

Tips for adding subplots into your books

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A subplot is a secondary plot in your story. If you’re writing a fantasy novel where the hero is going after a dragon but falls in love on the way, the romance is a subplot. You can have several subplots in one book.

Your subplots should have an effect on the plot. Falling in love with the girl could impact the main character’s choice in slaying the dragon and avenging his parents’ deaths.

Having a subplot, or two, or five, will help give more depth to your story. Life doesn’t always happen in a straight linear path. …

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